1925 Executive Council
James R. Hawkins, Washington, DC
S.W. Rutherford, Washington, DC
Carter G. Woodson, Washington, DC
Julius Rosenwald, Chicago, IL
James H. Dillard, Charlottesville, VA
R. R. Church, Memphis, TN
Bishop R. A. Carter, Chicago, IL
Franz Boas, Columbia University
Carl Russell Fish, Univ. of  Wisconsin
Henry C. King, Oberlin College
William E. Dodd, University of Chicago
E. A. Hooton, Harvard University
Bishop John Hurst, Baltimore, MD
A. L. Jackson, Chicago, IL
Bishop R. E. Jones, New Orleans, LA
Clement Richardson, Kansas City, MO
R.C. Woods, Lynchburg, VA

(From JNH Vol 10, No. 1)
1956 Officers and Executive Council

Charles W. Wesley, President
H. Councill Trenholm, First Vice-President
Benjamin E. Mays, Second Vice-President
Albert N. D. Brooks, Secretary-Treasurer

W. M. Brewer, Washington, DC
Albert N. D. Brooks, Washington, DC
L. S. Curtis, St. Louis, MO
Merle Eppse, Nashville, TN
Irene M. Gaines, Chicago
Lorenzo J. Greene, Jefferson City, MO
C.A. Jackson, Detroit, Michigan
James H. Jackson, Chicago, IL
John H. Johnson, Chicago, IL
Arnett G. Lindsay, Washington, DC
Benjamin E. Mays, Atlanta, GA
Louis R. Mehlinger, Washington, DC
J. Rupert Picott, Richmond, VA
Benjamin Quarles, Baltimore, MD
William P. Robinson, Wilberforce, OH
A. M. Schlesinger, Cambridge, MA
J. Reuben Sheeler, Houston, TX
H. Councill Trenholm, Montgomery, AL
H.A. Tynes, Hartsdale, NY
Charles H. Wesley, Wilberforce, OH
Prince Wilson, Atlanta, GA
Vassie D. Wright, Los Angeles, CA

(From 1956  Convention Program)

Class of 1972
Robert E. Edwards
Adelaide C. Hill
Edythe H. Ingraham
Roland C. McConnell
Joseph H. Taylor

Class of 1973
Clarence A. Bacote
John H. Harmon
Luther P. Jackson, Jr.
Dorothy B. Porter
Joseph H. Taylor

Class of 1974
Charles A. Brown
Kenneth G. Goode
Booker T. M. McGraw
Shirley Slaughter Irven

(Having Voice and Vote)
Raymond Pace Alexander
Andrew F. Brimmer
Wilhelmina M. Crosson
John W. David
John Hope Franklin
Lorenzo J. Greene
Arnette G. Lindsay
Elsie Lewis
W. Augustus Low
Louis R. Mehlinger
J. Rupert Picott
Benjamin Quarles
Wilihelmena S. Robinson
William P. Robinson
J. Reuben Sheeler
Edward F. Sweat
Charles Walker Thomas
Prince E. Wilson

(From Program of 57th Annual Meeting)
Past Officers and Executive Councils
The policy~making board of the Association, the Executive Council, has
played a vital role in the organization, especially after the passing of
Carter G. Woodson.  The annual roll will be added over time.